Our Website

The original plan

The original intention in January 2016 had been to run an interactive site with an exclusive members’ area, requiring registration, but we found that our potential audience was too small to justify this. This would also have required much extra work, and would have duplicated the activities of the more established social media platforms. As a result, we decided to keep access to our web content freely available to all.

For the first few months, our site listed events we organised ourselves, such as Sunday lunch at the Rocket in Wandsworth, pizza at Franco Manca in Chiswick, and a visit to the annual Clowns’ Service in Haggerston. There was one basic flaw with this scheme: Our subscribers have their own lives to lead, and the hoped-for attendance figures were rather disappointing.

A London events guide

So we had a re-think, and asked ourselves: Why take it upon ourselves to organise events, when there are so many excellent organisers doing this already?

As a result, we started to feature the crop of London events each month, and left it to our readers to make their own arrangements. In total we posted over 600 pages, listing festivals, lectures, concerts, exhibitions, visits, tours, open days, and of course our own pub nights.

A guide to online resources

Then Coronavirus came along, and events suddenly dried up.

While real-Life travelling and socialising was impossible – and rather than letting our site languish in suspended animation – we came up with a plan to feature links to online-Life and were pleasantly surprised to find that many site visitors seemed to derive great enjoyment from visiting the virtual resources we had put together.

Onwards and upwards

In November 2023, with the lockdowns a distant memory, we decided that the time had come to redesign the site, this time concentrating on the Luxembourg Friends, and featuring advice on living in London and visiting Luxembourg.